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Lisa Wilkes    

Long Distance Cyclist

Mark's skills are excellent! He has an incredible understanding of the human body and is able to apply that knowledge to most any need!”

Esther Rubenstein       Competitive Marathon Runner

"Mark is the only massage therapist that I’ve been able to put my complete trust in, having been a client of his for close to 15 years. He truly knows how to read a person’s body, as well as listen to his clients when they describing how they’re feeling. His demeanor is soft spoken, kind and highly professional; and his massage techniques are extremely effective, from therapeutic post-operative work, to deep tissue sports massage."

Patricia Fitzgerald      Competitive Marathon Runner

“As a busy person who trains for marathons in my spare time, a massage from Mark Williams is both a pleasure and a treat. His personality and energy are extremely positive and he always focuses on what I need. He targets the areas of my body that are most conflicted whether it is from soreness, pain, or injury. He also does his work without rushing. A massage from Mark Williams is a great experience and I always look forward to one especially on the days after big races.”

Pat Saul                             Yoga & Pilates

"If you are looking for someone that has ethics & empathy in the Bodywork field - Mark is your Person! My partner and I have known Mark for 20 years. He exhibits an ability to instinctively know which areas of the body hold stress and simply release those trigger points. He has saved my body multiple times from the havoc that daily stress plays on the body. Thank you Mark! those who read this. Do not hesitate to contact. Just do it and you won't regret it for a second."

Dominique Hamel      Coach & Competitive Marathon/Ultra Runner

“I have been to other massage therapists where you come out with bruises and feeling worst than when you get in. I am so grateful to have found Mark.  He is a skilled massage therapist.  He not only works on your injury, but he makes sure that the whole body is functional.  I have suffered from multiple injuries from running long distances and I can always depend on Mark to pull me through and make sure I get to the starting line injury free.  Mark's massage services are pivotal to my recovery and ability to train for my marathons and ultras." 

Jed Rosen                  Yoga

"Mark has been massaging my partner and I for at least 15 years. He is a natural healer with extraordinary technique. Mark has helped me and my body come through all sorts of life stress and I am sure I am a much healthier person, in mind and body, for having worked with Mark."

Bart Palmer               Contractor

"I’ve been getting therapeutic massages for approximately 25 years from 5 different therapists. I’ve been lucky enough now to have met Mark Williams. I’m convinced that when Mark decided to be a therapist, he was going to be the best. His hands have the ability to deliver relief with pneumatic power. I’ve switched from a treatment every 4 weeks to every 3 weeks. I’d see him weekly, but I think that would be considered an addiction."

Miho Saito                 Competitive Marathon Runner

“I have gone to Mark for several years to maintain myself injury-free and to keep my body loose for my marathon trainings. At every visit, Mark consults with me for any issue, pain and any concerns. He is so knowledgeable and effectively treats my body's challenges and symptoms. I highly recommend him for taking care of a tired or tight body from challenging marathon training. With his help, I recently received the "Marathoner of the Year” award from my running club!"

Tom Corazza             Avid Golfer

“I very highly recommend Mark Williams.  He has been my massage therapist for almost 12 years. He is a true professional who really cares about his clients. I appreciate his extensive knowledge and experience. With my history of debilitating back and hip pain due to several hip replacements, I'm frequently in pain, and Mark knows exactly how to remedy it. He is always punctual, polite, professional and his equipment is clean and well maintained.”

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